...a little bit about us


Tara Hill

Food & Beverage Manager
(Banquets, Weddings & Dining)
(905) 332-5111 ext. 34

Tara is from a long line of Caterers who operate throughout Ontario, one could say it is in her blood. While studying event management and Marketing Tara also worked in the industry, gaining an overview of the many aspects of the business. Wedding receptions, dinner/ lunch functions, breakfast meetings, Golf tournaments and even restaurant functions such as Christmas/ New Years Eve and Valentine’s day are all part of Tara’s extensive reparatory of events, over the last ninteen years.

The strength of having a strong, well trained, motivated and organized staff is of prime importance which she has achieved time after time. A function, no matter what type, should be enjoyable and memorable for our guests, simple to plan for the organizer. This coupled with quality food and beverage at a price that is fair is Tara’s mantra, as she says,” Do the job right first time and our customers will keep coming back.” So Tara Hill, a Catering Manager, Event Planner, who will work with you and for you. 

Michael Breadner

Executive Chef
(Menus, Product Inquiry & Ordering)
(905) 332-5111 ext. 40

Michael, who has been in the industry for over twenty five years, joined the team in 2007. Cutting his teeth here in Ontario after eight years decided a change was in order and moved west to Vancouver. While there he completed his apprenticeship, obtaining provincial certification. Working as Sous Chef, Michael expanded his knowledge and honed his skills. Seeking a change after four years, he jumped at the chance to work at the Westin Bayshore Resort and Marina. For the next four years, Michael learned about large scale production, team leadership and improved his organizational skills. After  returning to Ontario Michael took a position as Sous Chef with the Liberty Grand in Toronto, where large weddings and other gala events are standard.

While trends come and go, Michael has always been a firm believer in the "fresh is best" mentality and believes strongly in sustainability. Basing menu ideas around local ingredients respecting environmental sensitivities, Michael creates a truly memorable dining experience with a strong focus on flavours and quality. Michael's attention to detail and artistic vision drives him forward in all endeavours.